Monday, August 09, 2004

Kerry's right

The new jobs aren't as good as the old jobs. From the LA Times:

Green Bay was the nation's fifth-fastest-growing job market in June. The previous month, it tied Laredo, Texas, for first place.

But Steve Anderson sees little to celebrate.

"Supposedly there's a whole mess of new jobs being created, but they're not jobs we can live with," said Anderson, a 50-year-old factory worker whose career in manufacturing will come to an end today.

"Look at this," he said, leafing through a stack of recent job postings. "They're paying $9 an hour. Five years ago, it would have paid maybe $18…. This one is paying $12…. Here's one for $8.75…. These are the great new jobs that are opening up in Green Bay."

While that's powerful anecdotal evidence, the numbers back it up. Yet the Bushies keep telling us we've turned the corner. What else could you expect from someone whose life has consisted of one soft landing after another? He wouldn't recognize financial difficulty if it bit him on the rump.


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