Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Kerry focuses on middle-class woes

From AP via Boston Globe:

Twenty years ago, middle class families with one parent working used to be able to buy a home and pay for college. But today, two incomes barely cover the basics. And, as you know too well, if anything at all goes wrong -- an illness or a temporary layoff -- most families can't pay the bills and they risk losing everything they've built and saved for. That's wrong. And we're going to change it. -- John Kerry

Why the middle class is hurting: the increasing costs of health insurance, child care, tuition, and gasoline; overall job losses; and "new" jobs that don't pay as well as those that have been lost.

If you get D-minuses for three-and-a-half years in college, one semester with a B-minus doesn't put you on the honor roll. And our economy does not recover after three-and-a-half extremely weak years of job creation with just a few positive months. -- Kerry economic advisor Gene Sperling


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