Thursday, June 03, 2004

Teresa tells it like it is

From AP via Boston Globe:

Teresa Heinz Kerry criticized President Bush yesterday, arguing that his push to invade Iraq "exacerbated, out of control, terrorism around the world" while alienating allies.

"The option was to do the job and finish Afghanistan, and then build a coalition to combat terrorism," the wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry told relatives of servicemembers....

Heinz Kerry spent about an hour with nine residents who have husbands, sons, and a niece serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. They showed her photos of their loved ones, some still in their frames.

Joe and Barbara Wyatt talked about their two sons serving in the Marines. One survived a mortar attack in Karbala last year, just days after Bush's "bring 'em on" comment. Joe Wyatt contrasted the stance of Heinz Kerry and her husband with what he called the "dime store cowboy attitude" displayed by Bush and his top officials. "This war is a disaster," he said. "I'm so glad that John Kerry is taking the high road in his campaign." 


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