Thursday, July 01, 2004

'Mission accomplished'? Not.

And the buck stopes squarely in the Oval Office. In his hubris, George W. Bush invaded a nation that posed no threat to us; scrapped the State Department's post-invasion planning, leading to chaos and casualties; diverted US forces from Afghanistan to Iraq, allowing Osama bin Laden to escape; and presented al Qaeda with a recruiting opportunity that surpassed bin Laden's wildest dreams. According to Maureen Dowd, what we have here is a quagmire:

Mr. Bremer's escape from the Green Zone was uncomfortably reminiscent of the last days of Saigon. No one was hanging onto the skids of helicopters, but the mood was furtive, not festive. American troops are still trapped in Iraq and being killed there, and 5,600 ex-soldiers are being involuntarily recalled in America's undeclared draft.

John Kerry was right: We need a regime change in the United States.


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