Thursday, August 12, 2004

'I don't really know what Kerry plans to do....'

I've heard that comment from quite a few people -- and I always tell them: It's not your fault.

Nor is it John Kerry's fault: he's out there on the campaign trail every day, telling people what he proposes to do as president.

Frankly, it's the media's fault. By and large, the "mainstream" media are NOT covering the issues. They're all over every GOP-sponsored smear campaign; when Chinless Ed Gillespie or Matt Drudge points in a given direction, our pack of newshounds dutifully goes tearing off as instructed, in full cry. But issues? Forget that.

So if you want to know where Kerry stands on the issues, you need to do a little research. Fortunately, this is not difficult. As the man himself said in his speech to the Democratic National Convention:

I've told you about our plans for the economy, for education, for health care, for energy independence. I want you to know more about them. So now I'm going to say something that Franklin Roosevelt could never have said in his acceptance speech: Go to

Whether you're looking for an overview or the details, it's all there. From the issues page, you can download a book that covers everything, or you can follow links to specific topics -- like Kerry's plan to improve health care and education while cutting the deficit, his proposed tax reforms, his health care proposal, and his strategy for achieving energy independence.

Kerry's telling the nation what he plans to do -- but it'll be a snowy day in hell before our trivia-obsessed news media covers that story. So go check it out for yourself.


At August 17, 2004 at 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting site. Does any Prez have much control over the economy any more? No, they still mouth the words, but the simple truth is, Congress has control over a tiny portion of the US GNP, He simply cannot effect a huge change, either in direction or recoverability of the economy. Out of political hands. The war would have happened under Kerry as well, done it better? Who knows? Dirty tricks? Dead heat. The Democrats are also past masters at election fraud. How could they not be? Don't get into silly conspiracies, please, drags you down. Kerry will be less effective than Clinton, horrors. He's weak and immensely badly handled. Policies don't make the man, I see a very little man here. I might not even buy shoes from him...sorry.


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