Saturday, August 28, 2004


Via Oliver Willis, some good news:

Americans increasingly believe President Bush's re-election campaign is behind the ads attacking Democrat John Kerry's Vietnam experience, a poll found.

Almost half in a poll taken this week say they think the president's campaign is behind the ads that try to undercut Kerry's medals for heroism while just over a third think the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is an independent group, the National Annenberg Election Survey found.

It would be rough justice indeed if this latest rendition of the oldest trick in the Bush playbook ended up biting Bush and Rove in the ass. If that happened, it might begin to restore a little of my faith in humanity -- which is sorely taxed by the 40-odd percent* of Americans who stubbornly persist in regarding Dubya as an acceptable president despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. (A belief which also runs counter to their own economic interests, I might add.)

*Assuming the polls are correct....


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