Friday, September 17, 2004

9/11 widows endorse John Kerry

I'm a little late getting around to this, but it's so significant that I want to make sure nobody misses it. Earlier this week, five of the 9/11 widows -- the women who forced George W. Bush to back down and let the 9/11 investigation go forward -- endorsed John Kerry.

Liberal Oasis featured excerpts from CNN's interview with Kristen Breitweiser, who said:

With regard to the 9/11 Commission, President Bush:

Fought the creation of the commission;

Fought the legislative language to make sure the commission was set up in a bipartisan manner;

Fought the funding of the commission;

Fought an extension for the commission;

Fought access to individuals and documents.

[And next we have Judy Woodruff -- as always, playing apologist for Bush.]

WOODRUFF: But in the last analysis, the president did come around on most of that, didn't he?

BREITWEISER: He came around after he was backed into a corner and after a 90-8 vote in the Senate. And it was a long year.

And I wonder, what if the president had started his own commission in the days after 9/11, much like happened in Pearl Harbor.

Maybe this wouldn't be a campaign issue this year. Maybe national security would be taken care of. Maybe I would feel safe.

Maybe I wouldn't be so scared three years since 9/11.

And I think it's terribly sad that it is an issue in this campaign, because it's an issue -- because it hasn't been taken care of.

And Breitweiser -- who hasn't boarded a plane since 9/11 -- plans to get out and campaign for John Kerry:

I want the people in this country to understand that national security must be a priority -- a priority in action, not just in words.

And I'm willing to get on a plane. And assuming I can do that, I will do that.

And that is how committed I am, and how much I believe in Senator Kerry being our president.

(Incidentally, Breitweiser is a registered Republican who voted for Bush in 2000.)


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