Thursday, September 09, 2004

It's up to the voters

Richard Cohen takes Cheney to task for his scare tactics:

Cheney, of course, did not point out that the Sept. 11 attacks occurred on his and George Bush's watch. All of this is in the official record. Also in the record are the warnings of various government officials -- Richard Clarke, for instance -- that Osama bin Laden was almost certainly planning an attack against the United States. Similar warnings from outgoing Clinton administration officials such as Sandy Berger were ignored by an administration that smugly knew better.

I'm telling you, if people were paying attention to what's really going on -- as opposed to the Faux News/Limbaugh version -- the outcome of this election wouldn't even be in doubt. As some wag put it, we're all wearing the blue dress now. Clinton was impeached over a blow job. Bush is guilty of criminal negligence leading to the deaths of 3,000 people -- but with wild-eyed wingnuts in control of the House, there'll be no impeachment for him. Only the voters can hold him accountable.


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