Friday, September 17, 2004


Another evening of working the phones for Kerry-Edwards, and another evening of finding more Kerry voters than Bush voters. If it's like this in North Carolina, I gotta feel good about the swing states.

And according to a whole slew of polls, Bush's convention bounce is GONE. Details at DonkeyRising; you'll find a link in the blogroll at right. (It's late and I'm tired.)

Coming next week: An item about Kerry's health plan. I've been reading about it, and as Teresa says, only an idiot wouldn't like it. (Speaking of which, the idiot in the White House misrepresented it as "socialized medicine" and a "government takeover." It's nothing of the sort. I swear, Dubya could not tell the truth if you wrote him a script in words of one syllable. If the man's lips are moving, you know he's lying.)

And so to bed (with apologies to Samuel Pepys).


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