Thursday, October 14, 2004

'Hire the guy who looks most like he’s up to the job'

In which case it's Kerry by a landslide. You just gotta love Charlie Pierce. More at Altercation:

What Kerry is, was, and always will be is someone who can always make the other guy on the stage look like he’s applying for a night manager’s job at a Gas ‘n Sip somewhere.  I think they’re discovering what every one of Kerry’s opponents always discovers – that there is too much substance to the guy to cover with easy labels. Sooner or later, people just decide to hire the guy who looks most like he’s up to the job.   I mean, look at the answer to the “How does faith inform what you do?” question, in which Schieffer served up a bigger meatball than the one Pedro left over the plate against Olerud last night.  One guy rattled off some vaguely faith-based talking points as though he were doing calisthenics.  The other guy sounded like Teilhard de Chardin with PAC money.


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