Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A win for Edwards

Thomas Oliphant points out the old man behind the curtain::

John Edwards had the political discipline to resist the temptation to behave with Cheney's off-putting nastiness, restricting himself to one powerful recitation of the vice president's long record of extreme right-wing position on race relations and education. He helps John Kerry politically, but what was important last night was that he helped demonstrate that Cheney isn't a big player anymore, that Edwards can play on the same stage, and therefore that the country is free to change leaders next month.

John Edwards went up against Darth Cheney last night, and didn't back down once. He nailed the VP on his countless lies -- especially his repeated conflation of Saddam Hussein and 9/11. Edwards tied that one to Cheney's tail like a tin can.

But he landed his best blow when he pointed out that Cheney's record proves that "a long resume does not equal good judgment."

We've seen the mounting proof of that over the last four years.


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