Monday, November 15, 2004

Olbermann raises a damn good question

Haven't dropped off the face of the earth or crawled into a spider hole to lick my wounds -- I've just been (a) suffering from one of the periodic respiratory infections that seem to plague people in my family (I think we're uncommonly susceptible to such); and (b) focusing on an activity that was largely put on hold during the campaign: starting a new business. (Anybody out there need expert communications services? My business partner and I have the experience and expertise to do an excellent job for you. Check us out at Words That Work Communications.)

Returning from that commercial break....Keith Olbermann of MSNBC's "Countdown" deserves major kudos as the only mainstream journalist who is taking the election fraud issue seriously -- covering it nightly on the show and at Bloggermann -- where he raises this damn good question:

Oh and by the way: how come the “Kerry’s winning” part of the election night exit polling is presumed to have been wrong, or tampered with, but the “Moral Values” part of the same polling is graded flawless, and marks the dawn of a new American century?

How come, indeed?