Thursday, June 03, 2004

In 1944, we really were welcomed as liberators

George Bush is in France this weekend for ceremonies commemorating the the Normandy invasion -- and French officials are afraid he'll inflame anti-American sentiment by comparing the D-Day landings to the invasion of Iraq.

According to the London Guardian:

Advisers close to Jacques Chirac have let it be known that any reference to Iraq during the 60th anniversary of the Allied invasion of France on Sunday would be ill-advised and unwelcome....

"[Bush] had better not go too far down the road of making a historical comparison because it's likely to backfire on him," said a source close to President Chirac.

Laurent Fabius, head of Mr Chirac's governing UMP party, said of Mr Bush: "He represents the exact opposite of everything we admire about America."

I know just how you feel, Mr. Fabius. And remember: We didn't elect him.


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