Thursday, July 01, 2004

Cheney to taxpayers: F**k you

Gen. Anthony Zinni in Rolling Stone:

Halliburton is spending staggering sums of money building fortified workplaces. It's killing the American taxpayer, who's footing the bill. There are two bodyguards for every worker. For $100,000 a year, you've got a truck driver from West Virginia. If I'm an Iraqi, I say, "For that cost, you could hire ten of us as drivers. And if I'm getting a paycheck, I'll have a vested interest in that truck getting through." Even the way we do contracting makes no sense.

Dick Cheney's favorite obscenity applies here: the American taxpayers are definitely getting f****d by Halliburton, the VP's so-called "former" employer (from which he still receives deferred compensation. Incidentally, he lied about that, too).


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