Friday, August 13, 2004

Pierce thinks Laura Bush should put a sock in it

Pierce Altercates. Laura Bush's lecture on stem cell research didn't sit well with him:

We all recall that Hitlery tried to sneak the Russian Red Army into the country under the guise of reforming the health-care system, but shouldn't we be a bit alarmed as well that a back-country librarian from Level Crossing, Texas is out there explaining cutting-edge science to the nation?  Where in hell is the President's Council On Bioethics?  (Probably either bleeding people with leeches or booking tours to Lourdes.)  I mean, would I ask Gregor Mendel where the biography section is?.....

You do the research to find out IF the little critters will perform as advertised. What you don't do is choke off the inquiry because something MIGHT not work out, and might get Jesus pissed in the bargain.  And you damned sure don't send your wife, the librarian, out to run the ball on the issue for you.  God, it was insufferable.  All those devastated families, like mine, having our little heads patted, and being warned not to get our tiny hopes up, all the while being talked down to out of a family of failures, spoiled children, and international sex tourists.

If Laura chooses to come off the bench -- and she did -- then she's fair game for criticism.


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