Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Kerry widens lead in battleground states

Don't get complacent -- but here's some good news from Gallup via Ruy Teixeira:

Prior to the Republican convention, Kerry had a one point lead among RVs (47-46) in the battleground states. After the Republican convention, now that battleground voters have had a chance to take a closer look at what Bush and his party really stand for, Kerry leads by 5 in these same states (50-45)! Note that Kerry gained three points among battleground voters, while Bush actually got a negative one point bounce.

There you have it: the voters got a good look at BushCo, and they did NOT like what they saw. Let's keep telling 'em what this election is really about: It's a stark choice between John Kerry's genuine focus on homeland security and George Bush's lip service to the subject...between economic policies designed to alleviate the middle-class squeeze and still MORE tax cuts for Bush's wealthy backers....between a real solution to the healthcare problem and yet another tax shelter for the wealthy, disguised as a "health savings account"...between new, non-polluting energy sources and continued dependence on the Saudis.


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